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about those." so how professional is this artist that has travelled from texas, houston texas home of the texans football team ....now that he has to incporate carving out a super bowl raven? 15:38:41 bg "i don't think about that... no well actually i made the other guy do the raven.... hahahaha" 15:54:49 oc: tr "having fun at the fair i'm tom rodgers fox 45 news... lollipop spit out sand." you can see what's new at the 132nd state fair. our "fun at the fair" special will air tonight on the c-w baltimore. it starts at seven p-m. a brawl breaks out between a bus driver and a passenger, what started the fight... and the shocking thing that happened when someone tried to step in. breaks out between a bus driver and an unruly passenger in detroit it all started when the woman in the brown coat boarded the bus and her transfer card got stuck inside the scanner. she became agitated and started to yell at the driver. another passenger christopher jackson.. tried to intervene. you can see him step between them... but he says other people were egging them on and the fight escalated. incue:
for $800, please. barrett. what is texas? good. politics for $1,200. barrett. who is the surgeon general? right. i'll have politics for $1,600. joe. what is marry? yeah. government & politics for $2,000, please. this governor was front and center in the response to hurricane sandy. joe. who is chris christie? you got him. let's go a student of history for $400, please. joe. who is roberts? john roberts. correct. let's go $800 on student of history. barrett. what is yale? yale is right. history for $1,200. [ beep ] and his name is chris berman. "could. go. all. the. way." barrett, back to you. history for $1,600, please. barrett. what is the civil rights movement? right. history for $2,000, please. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] joe has the lead at $12,800. you have $12,600. $4,000, please. all right. here's the clue for you. who is ayn rand? you got it. [ applause ] ayn rand is good. go again. "hy" five for $400, please. joe. what is hygiene? right. "hy" five for $800, please. joe. what is hydrate? right. "hy" five for $1,200, please. emily. what is a hydrangea? no. barrett or joe?
... to the houston area.../ but ...they'll split... their time... between texas... and space. here... are... nasa's... 8- new astronauts.... / with... the shuttle program retired... no one... really knows... where... space exploration is headed... / but... they'll... begin two year's of training... that includes to the.. international space station.../ which they'll... reach... aboard russian soyuz rockets... / the new astraoauts... spent... much of the presentation... answering all sorts of questions. 111-126 "really the minimum criteria are that you have a bach degree in a hard science and then 3 years of exp beyond that. 25:50 we don't need to run a mile in less than 6 minutes or anything like that but of course there are strict criteria in terms of overall good health." 51-100 bolden says: "they all know they'll get an opportunity to fly on station. some of them will prob get an opportunity to participate an asteroid mission. they definitely will form the plans that will take us on to mars." 50- percent of the new astronauts are women... for the first time ever. according to a new report... t
are from sierra leone, west africa. i was born in philadelphia, but raised in houston, texas. oh, okay. now, it says you're an actor and a songwriter and a music guy. what is it you're pursuing? i'm actually an actor. i moved out here not too long ago, trying to make it in hollywood. it's going pretty well, actually. on the side, i like to write songs and arrange music. well, good. but you wouldn't mind winning a little money here. oh, no. that'd be great. okay. all right. wish you a lot of luck. brooke brady is with us from evergreen, colorado. hi. and you're going to school? i am. i'm in school to be a teacher. i'm a human-development major. yeah? and you're engaged, as well. i am. i have the most amazing fiancé in the world. oh, good. and what else? are you golfing? i do. i'm new to it. i've only been dng it two summers, but i'm pretty good at it, to be honest. so, you're excited about it now. really excited. i love it. it hasn't broken you yet. i'm quite addicted, actually. it will. [ laughs ] let's do another "toss up" here. this one is worth $2,000. and the category is "around the ho
's school. she's from houston, texas. i'm often asked by people in our studio audience how do i react to the "saturday night live" takeoffs of "jeopardy!" but you're a big "saturday night live" fan, right? i really am. what i want to do when i get older is to write or act on "saturday night live." what did you think of the skits they performed, making fun of me on "jeopardy!"? oh, i thought, well, now that i get to meet you, i see that they're not all correct. [ laughter ] good girl. i hope you do well. kelton ellis is a junior from macon, georgia, also captain of his school's quiz bowl team, and they renamed the team especially for you recently, right? yes. a friend of mine decided to rename the team the "train kelton for 'jeopardy!' club" after learning that i had gotten on the show. okay. has it worked out? have they all given you a lot of encouragement and tested you even more than usual? oh, yes. believe me, they really have. yeah? okay, well, good luck to you. lila anderson is a junior from minnetonka, minnesota, has varsity letters in... soccer and academics. those two are far
, with the other news of the day. here's kwame holman. >> holman: a military judge in texas today temporarily halted the mass shooting court martial of army major nidal hasan after just one day. hasan is defending himself, but his standby attorney said he appears intent on getting sentenced to death. the lawyer asked that his own role be minimized. hasan has admitted killing 13 people and wounding nearly three dozen in 2009. he says he acted because america is at war with islam. the trial is expected to reconvene tomorrow. the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya has produced its first criminal charges. it was widely reported overnight that u.s. prosecutors have begun the process of bringing suspects to trial. word of the charges comes almost a year after the attack in benghazi, that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. it's unclear how many people are included in the sealed complaint, or what the charges are, but the reports name ahmed abu khattala, the former commander of a benghazi-based militia group. khattala has denied involvement in the past, an
!" teen tournament! introducing today's contestants -- a senior from el paso, texas... a freshman from marietta, georgia... and a junior from goodyear, arizona... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to another quarterfinal match. katie, nilai, and brittany, pick up those signaling devices. you are going to work right now in the first round. here are t categories for you. and things that occurred... alex: brittany, you start. breakfast cereals for $200, please. alex: katie. what are rice krispies? correct. breakfast cereals for $400, please. brittany. what are cocoa puffs? good. cereals for $600. buzz bee, seen here, is the mascot for this cereal that was introduced in 1979. katie. what are honey nut cheerios? you got it. fill in the book title for $200, please. brittany. what are "great expectations"? yes. fill in the book title for $400. katie. what is "the time machine"? yes. books for $600. brittany. what is "go tell it on the mountain"? you got it. book for $800. brittany. what is "the tin drum"? that's it
's the sullivan family, and from dallas, texas--that's my stomping ground--it's the tran family. i want to give away some money. let's go get it. give me julie. give me jim. here we go, guys, top 6 answers on the board. when a woman is trying to catch a man, name something she pretends to like. ok, jim. >> his personality. steve: his personality. julie? >>ports. steve: sports. >> whoo! we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. >> whoo! steve: hey, julie, how you doing? >> great. how are you? steve: oh, that's hot right there. >> oh, i know. i did it for you. steve: did you? watch out. watch yourself, julie. ha ha! say what you want over here now. ha ha ha! i ain't what i used to be when i was a kid, but i could be. ha ha! ha ha! i'm so sorry. >> ha ha! steve: all right. well, let's meet everybody. introduce them. >> all right. well, i got that. ♪ who dat? >> who dat say dey gonna beat dem champs? who dat? >> who dat? >> who dat say dey gonna beat dem champs? who dat? ♪ whoo! [cheering and applause] steve: i was not ready for that. >> i don't think you were. steve: she said, "ok. i got th
froo the moott of hasan himmslf. it as november afternoon that forevee cchnge this texas army post. 13 peopllelost their ives in he attackkat fortthood. and in the last elevenndays of theeaccused gunman'' court mmrtial - we've heard neaaly 90 witnesses relate stories of horror, heroism and heartache. corn says: "from the prosecution's tandpoint, iithhnk there's abundant evidence of pre-- editationn" mmjor nndal hassn ii still serving as his own lawyer. udge cclonee tara osborn has asked haaan seeeral timessii e wishhs to continue down that path -- eeee strongly addises agginst it. but hasannhasn't budged. orr says: "whee you chooseeto represent yourself, youu oo't have too know hoo to be a gooo lawyerr but oo can't compllin later thhttyou ggt a bbd lawyer at trial. and that's what he's going to be tuck with n aapeal." bbcause he's repreeentinn himself ---the 42- year-old army psychiatrist has a choice on whether he'll testify. however,,hee can't make statemenns -- rather, onll ask himself questions and theenanswer them. today the court heard testimon frrmma ffrt hood poliie serg
of louisville, kentucky, it's the willinger family! and from my old stomping ground dallas, texas, it's the mccauley family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and remember, if the willinger family wins today's game, they're gonna drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] give me ken, give me gary. guys, top 7 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 married men name something of yours that your friends make fun of. >> your haircut. steve: ken. your haircut. pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: play. all right, katie. we talked to 100 married men. name something of yours that your friends make fun of. >> i'm gonna say their wife, like if they got a nagging wife or something. steve: their wife. >> good answer, katie, good answer! yeah! steve: hey, kristie. >> yeah. steve: i don't how you could--let's just see. >> your job. >> good answer! steve: your job. susan, we talked to 100 married men. name something of yours that your friends make fun of. >> i'm gonna say their clothes. steve: their clothes. hi, kelly. >> hello. steve: only one s
. this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! let's meet today's contestants -- an 8th grader from houston, texas... ...a junior from macon, georgia... ...and a junior from minnetonka, minnesota... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to our annual teen tournament. good times for the next two weeks, featuring some very bright contestants ranging in age from 13 to 17, and as you just heard in the introduction, one student who is in grade 8, irene. welcome, young players, and good luck to you. let's go to work now in the first round of play, which is the jeopardy! round. one daily double coming up in one of these categories. you identify the state for us, please. ...one of these days. alex: lila, you get to go first. i'll take i am your leader for $200, please, alex. irene. what is leader of the free world? you're right. i'll have i am your leader for $400, please. i'm ayatollah ali khamenei, and i like being called supreme leader of this country. lila. what is iran? correct. i'll take i am your leader for $600, please. lila. w
, including five senior officers. a military judge at fort hood, texas refused to let defense lawyers take over today from army major nidal hasan. he's accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 nearly four years ago. hasan is acting as his own attorney, but his standby lawyers say he's trying to get himself executed. today, the judge agreed to let hasan continue defending himself, and ordered the lawyers to continue advising him. on wall street today, stocks rose a bit after a three-day skid. the dow jones industrial average gained 27 points to close at 15,498. the nasdaq rose 15 points to close at 3,669. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to gwen. >> ifill: now, the living legacy of one woman's d.n.a. margaret warner has the story. >> warner: in 1951, a poor african american woman in maryland became an early and unwitting donor to medical science. henrietta lacks died at age 31 of cervical cancer at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. then doctors discovered tumor cells they'd removed from her body earlier continued to thrive in the lab. a medical first. before long,
, too. he left texas and went to los angeles. in my family that was unheard of. in my family you stayed right there on the farm. you could put a trailer on the land but you don't go. in that case my grandfather is not coming there to visit you. you have to make a big step. so i made this step and now i'm here and i've set up a life for him and he goes and starts to confront these things and i'm thinking, hey, stop, you can be okay. you can have education and family, you can have a wife and a home. he's like "no, dad, everybody deserves a life, everybody deserves a home. i can't be happy inside myself unless i know the rights are there." so then we explore the civil rights movement in the personal way. that's what's brilliant about what you did, lee. i'm always arguing and dealing with him over the real moments of history that, like give us an emotional understanding of the civil rights movement, of what's happening. and that's kind of a movement of our family. and then ultimately the reconciliation of our family. the kind of coming back together because of the deep love, the foundation
like yours. i take it with me everywhere. right, right. it's been to texas twice, arizona... right. it didn't go on one trip. ...that went well for you. and, well, it didn't work too well. the first night i was down there-- it's two hours away to my wife's folks and, uh, it didn't make it. i woke up, you know, after an hour, two hours, three hours. finally, five o'clock in the morning, i got up, drove back up to where we live, grabbed the pillow... wow! there you go! so, on the second night... [applause] the second night, i had a good nighs sleep. right, that's awesome. and then, my wife, she'd like to thank you because i don't snore. wow, that's a... [laughs] you're back in the same bedroom! it's great. you know, it just goes to show even someone your size... we help everybody, from the smallest person up to the biggest, you know? it's great. that's an awesome story. and we're gonna see you again at the state fair this year? yes, you are. i'll be there myself. thanks. thank you. [applause] andy was so enthusiastic about sharing his story and being here today so i can see why. than
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